70%  Solution
Basement Remodeling

70% Solution

The 70% Solution saves you 40-50% on your basement finishes!!

Typical Basement Remodeling costs from $45k-$150k

As noted in Remodeling Magazine, Denver metro area basement finishing average cost is $59,500 for 650 square feet.

The 70% Solution typically ranges from $30k-$50k

  • Trim Carpentry Savings of $3k-$20k
  • Tile Savings of $3k-$15k
  • Paint Savings of $2k-$12k
  • Flooring Savings of $3k-$10k
  • Fixtures savings of $1k-$4k
  • just to name a few!

For those who just want 4 walls...

You don’t need design…you don’t want character…you aren’t a weekend warrior…

The 70% Solution is out and so is the 100% Solution - You want to Spend Less!


Check out our $25,000 "Starter Basement"!

  • Framed
  • Insulated
  • Electric
  • HVAC
  • Drywall
  • Doors and Trim
  • Paint

    Guaranteed complete in 6 weeks!
    Up to 450 square feet.

    Phone: (303) 944-0488

    70% Solution is a Castle Rock and Parker Colorado building contractor providing basement remodels, basement design and professional building contracting services.

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